Two positions available


A Senior Research Assistant (SRA) and a Research Assistant (RA) position in mangrove ecology are available at the Swire Institute of Marine Sciences of The University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Both positions offer a two-year contract with competitive salary and benefits with an immediate starting date (or as soon as possible).

The SRA candidate must have a PhD in ecology, biology, or a related field. The RA candidate must have a B.Sc. in ecology, biology, or a related field. Any previous experience and/or specific interests in the ecology of mangrove fauna or of intertidal crab taxonomy and/or phylogeny will be highly valued for both positions. Experience in DNA barcoding techniques will also be highly considered. In particular, we seek experience in sampling and specimen identification (also through molecular techniques) for the following groups: Sesarmidae, Varunidae and Ocypodidae (Decapoda) and/or Potamididae (Gastropoda). Good spoken and written English skills are necessary.

Project description

Mangroves represent one of the most threatened habitats globally and their biodiversity is often poorly characterized. The project will focus on an extensive biodiversity survey of mangroves in Hong Kong with a focus on both marine and terrestrial organisms. The two positions advertised here focus on the crab and mollusc fauna and form part of an interdisciplinary project surveying the fauna and flora of local mangroves led by Dr. Stefano Cannicci, Prof. Gray A. Williams and Dr. Benoit Guénard.

The SRA will be responsible for managing the project, sampling and identifying crab and mollusc fauna and completing a report. The successful applicant will take care of project planning, sampling strategy, budgeting and documentation of all aspects of the project. Both the SRA and the RA will be responsible for setting up the sampling design, for choosing appropriate sites and methods to assess crab and mollusc diversity in mangrove swamps. They will also be expected to sort and curate collected specimens, performing identification and DNA extraction to create and maintain a DNA bank.

For the SRA position, we are searching for candidates with excellent organisation skills ready to manage a highly demanding scientific project. For this particular position, good spoken and written Cantonese will be valued, but it is not necessary. RA candidates should possess excellent organization skills and all candidates should be able to work for long hours in hot and humid environments experienced in subtropical habitats.

Interested candidates should initially email a letter of interest with their CV and contact information to Dr. Stefano Cannicci (

Information about the research conducted in the Mangrove Ecology and Evolution lab, the Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography lab and the Hard Rock Ecology Lab and are available at the following addresses:

Application should be received before March 21st 2017.